Massacre in Syria: Israeli airstrikes leave entire family dead

The recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria’s Hama have claimed the lives of an entire family, the source reported.

The airstrikes, which took place in the early morning, were launched from the skies of the northern Lebanese province of Tripoli. Israeli warplanes fired several missiles at targets in Hama. The Syrian military said that most of the hostile missiles were intercepted.

Nevertheless, at least one of the Israeli missiles hit the heavily populated district of Kazo in the western outskirts of Hama city.

“The Israeli air aggression that targeted Hama governorate at dawn today resulted in the death of a family of a father, mother and two children, and the wounding of four others, including a woman, two children and an elderly woman,” the SANA said in a press release.

According to the state-run agency, three houses were also destroyed as a result of the Israeli airstrikes. Meanwhile, local sources in Hama revealed that the victims were all internally displaced civilians.

The Israeli Defense Forces, which rarely announces its attacks on Syria, has not commented on the matter yet. Tel Aviv usually ignores reports of civilian casualties.

The main target of the Israeli airstrikes on Hama is yet to be identified. On December 25, a series of Israeli strikes hit a large Syrian military research center in the western countryside of the generate.

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