Jens Stoltenberg: NATO's ties with Russia at 'lowest point' since Cold War

The news comes as US President Joe Biden is due to hold negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva this week.

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The meeting will be Joe Biden’s first as US president. Earlier, the Democrat promised to get tough on his counterpart, saying that he will “let him know” what he wants him to know.

NATO's ties with Russia are at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, said Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

"This is due to Russia's aggressive actions. I am confident that the NATO leaders will confirm our dual-track approach to Russia, strong defence combined with dialogue”, he told reporters ahead of the Alliance's summit in Brussels.

At the same time, Stoltenberg noted that NATO strives for dialogue with Moscow, a fact, he said, is not a sign of weakness.

"Dialogue is actually a sign of strength as long as we are united, as long as we are strong, then we can talk to Russia", the secretary-general said.

Stoltenberg’s statements come a day after US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that Biden wants to hold a closed-door discussion with NATO leaders about his upcoming meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

"They get both to hear from him about his intentions with respect to the summit, and he gets to hear from them as well, so that he will go into Geneva with the full support and solidarity of all of our NATO Allies", the official said.


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